TOP 10 Best Bitcoin Faucets

Best Bitcoin Faucets : If you want to start in the world of cryptocurrencies, Faucet are a great way to earn a bit of Bitcoin easily and for free! I’ve tried them all and can say that they all work well and that there is no cheating!

For some of them you need an account from or, these are special portfolios for taps. Many Faucets websites send directly to FaucetHub or Coinpot so you do not have to spend your money on many different Taps websites!

Please also note that the amounts may vary if the Bitcoin price changes!

1 Bitcoin = 11780.00 $ at the moment

1. FreeBitcoin >> <<

Complaint: 30 Satosis – 0.03 BTC Timer: 60 min Payout: Independent

For me it is the best! You will need to enter your email address and select a password, create the Captcha and click “Register!” Click. You can then win between 30 Satosis and 0.03 Bitcoin ($ 200) every hour !! Just to get on the page, do the captcha and drive!

And for each role you make, you will receive 2 tickets to a lottery that takes place every week where you can win 2-3 bitcoins (over $ 10,000) !!! You can also try multiplying your Satoshis with the “Multiply BTC” option. And if you follow on Twitter, you can sometimes have special offers!

Also try the little sister FreeDogecoin

2. Bitfun >> <<

Complaint: 25-300 Satoshis Timer: 3min Payout: Coinpot

One of the most expensive taps! You can claim every 3 minutes, but if you wait longer, the amount will continue to increase! And that makes it really interesting. You must click on “Register”, enter your e-mail address and select a password. An email will be sent to you and you will need to click on a link to activate your account.
You can now sign up and claim 25 to 300 satisis simply by going to the page, clicking on the orange “games”, clicking on the blue “claim now” and the captcha to prove you are not a bot.

Bitfun also has games! The Satoshis are sent directly to Coinpot.Co.

3. MoonBitcoin >> <<

Complaint: 25-500 Satoshis Timer: 5min Payout: Coinpot

MoonBitcoin is very easy to use, you can get between 20 and 500 Satosis
5 min, also depending on how long you wait! You need to create a account, but if you’ve already registered with Bitfun, you already have a account with the same email address and password.

To get your Satoshis, just click on “Claim Now” and make a captcha! You also get a bonus of 1% per day if you do it at least once a day, and it can go up to 100% bonus!

Also try MoonLitecoin, MoonDogecoin & MoonDash!

4. BTC clicks >> <<

Complaint: 10-100 Satoshis Timer: No Cash: Independent

In order to sign up for BTC clicks, you must click on “Sign In / Sign In” and then on “User Login”. You can then enter your e-mail address, create the captcha and click on “Sigup”. You will receive an e-mail in which you have to click on “Check” and enter your password and check the box. Now you can connect with “Earner Login”.
To get your Satoshis here, you need to click on an addition and watch it for a few seconds. It’s really easy and you can do up to 500-1000 satosis or more in a few minutes! Click on “Surf Ads” and you can choose how many and what ads you want to earn bitcoins!

5. Bit Games:

Complaint: 200-2500 Satoshis Timer: 5min / 60min Retreat: Independent

For bit games you can claim every hour (200-2000 Satoshis / hour) or every 10 minutes (250-2500 Satoshis / hour)! You have to click on the “stones” a few times to claim your Satoshis. But they also have many other games to multiply your satoshis and win big! And every 15 minutes a lottery!
To register, go to the website and click “Create an account”, enter your username, email address and password and fill in the other information. Then click on “Complete Registration” below. You need to activate your account by clicking on the link you sent to your email address.

6. Big BTC:

Complaint: 20-100 Satoshis Timer: 5min Cash withdrawal: FaucetHub

You need a FaucetHub account and create a Bitcoin address that you can claim in BigBTC! (FaucetHub is a good faucet wallet, many faucets will send their claims directly). Once you have one, enter your FaucetHub address, then it’s really easy, just do the “SolveMedia” and click on “Claim Now”. You can get 20 to 100 satose every 5 minutes and for every claim you make, you have the opportunity to participate in the lottery!

7. BonusBitcoin:

Complaint: 20-5000 Satoshis Timer: 15min Fee: CoinPot

When you arrive at BonusBitcoin you need to click on “Save”, set your e-mail address and select a password. You will receive a confirmation email in which you must click on the link!
Then, if you are in BonusBitcoin, click on “Login”, and once you are on the page, download, click on “Solve Media” and click on “Claim”. It should have a small window that opens with the sentence “Faucet claims successful”.

8. BTC4Ads:

Complaint: 10-100 Satoshis Chronometer: None Effective: Independent

BTC4Ads is the BTC Clicks website. When you arrive at the website, simply enter your email address and click “Go”. Then choose the password and create the captcha! All you have to do is confirm your email with the link they send you. You get 500 Satoshis bonus for the registrar! And then you can click on “show ads” to win satosis.


9. HotCoins:

Complaint: 20-70 Satoshis Timer: 10min Cash withdrawal: FaucetHub

If you get HotCoins, you have to download something, enter your FaucetHub Bitcoin address and click on the blue “Play” button below. Now you are connected! Go down a little, look at the “Solve Media” and click on the white “Play” below. Then just copy the few letters and click on “I am human” to get your Satoshis!
You also have a ticket for a small lottery for every claim you make.

10. CoinPole:

Complaint: 10-88 Satoshis Timer: 5min Cash withdrawal: FaucetHub

CoinPole is a very special tip. First, when you arrive at CoinPole, click on “Sign Up” in the upper right corner and you will find “Register Now” in blue. Just select your username, email address and password and you’re done.
Then, to make the touch, look for the little red box and click on it. Then you can click “to change” and click on the blue “Start”. CoinPole is a type of Twitter where you get satose for your activity, depending on how much you post and get responses and I like it.




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